Hi, I'm Steven Langbroek, and I develop well-crafted and maintainable web applications. I live and work in Berlin, where I have:

  • managed several engineering teams
  • written code that is used by engineers and end-users alike
  • given training and presentations
  • written documentation, articles and advocated for solid development principles
  • reviewed code, abstracted common use cases into libraries, and driven adoption of external ones.
  • eaten exquisite 'burgers
  • drank beers, cocktails and fine Riesling (Friday only)

Why don’t we start at the beginning?

Last updated on Saturday, November 17, 2018

Joining an existing team with all its processes, code and history can be a specific type of challenge. It’s certainly not one I’d like to understate. Writers, designers, and I’m sure many others regularly experience an altogether different kind of terror: The Blank Page. No history, no navigation, a million directions to choose from. What do you do? How do you decide what is ”the right thing” to work on? What does “right” even mean?

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Writing Javascript without writing Javascript

Last updated on Friday, November 2, 2018

A while ago I tweeted a poll, asking which "compiles-to-javascript" language you would choose when starting a new project. I'd like to shed some light on why I asked the question and what I'm going to do with the results.

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